An aircraft’s avionics system can receive a tremendous technological upgrade with the introduction of an integrated “Glass Cockpit.” Flight instruments may be integrated into two separate and redundant displays that balance pilot work and load, and provide a multitude of useful features.

Improved Vertical Spar Fin

An important upgrade Northwest Helicopters incorporates into all of their performance enhanced aircraft is the installation of the Global Spar LLC Vertical Fin Spar.

The Global Spar eliminates the problems often associated with original “laminated” spars that were prone to cracking. This spar is virtually indestructible and adds to the already phenomenal safety and reliability record of our helicopters.

Honeywell T53-L-703 Engine

For the UH-1H’s original T53-L-13B engine at 1400 horsepower, while extremely reliable, has proven to be underpowered at high elevations and hot temperatures.

The upgraded T53-L-703 at 1800 horsepower solves this problem. The additional 400 horsepower provides the needed power boost at high altitudes to supplement lift, yet still maintains the extraordinary reliability of the proven T53 engine.

The Honeywell T53-L-703 engine comes equipped on all UH-1H Plus models that we refurbish or assemble.

BLR FastFin System®

This BLR upgrade provides a dramatic increase in tail rotor authority with a decrease in the power it takes to maintain directional control. This translates into more available power to the main rotor, which increases the altitude and high temperature performance of the aircraft.

These benefits are accomplished without modifying the original drive train or gearboxes in any way. This is a distinct advantage when maintaining our UH-1H Plus models. It has the same tail rotor gearbox configuration as thousands of other UH-1H aircraft operating around the world today.

What is the uH-1H Plus?

Learn more about our signature process for transforming surplus UH-1 airframes into something much more

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