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Fin Spar Repair

Global Helicopter is the leading supplier of replacment tailboom spars for the Bell UH-1H. These spars comply with the latest Airworthiness Directive for these helicopters. As a Global dealer, we can sell you the spar kit so that you can install it or we can install it for you in our facility.

There’s a reason Global has the number one selling fin spar repair kit for the UH-1. Our structural repair technicians can install Global’s spar kit in approximately 80-man hours, minimizing downtime from the usual two-to-three weeks.

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Bell UH-1H Fast Rope Gantry System

Mechanical Specialties offers a new, low maintenance, folding fast rope system that is easy to remove and accepts any fast rope “eye” design. Gantries attach to the airframe with four each 12 jaw fittings with each fitting rated at 5,475 lbs. vertical and 2,300 lbs. at 90 degrees (lateral). 


Cargo Hooks

Northwest Helicopters is proud to partner with Mechanical Specialties as a choice dealer of high performance remote helicopter cargo hooks, suspension assemblies and more. All hooks that we install are manufactured using state-of-the-art CNC machining equipment, assuring consistency and repeatability of all parts. Learn more about these state-of-the-art cargo hooks by browsing these sample brochures below:

Primary Cargo Hooks

This is not a new hook that was developed on paper, but one with a proven track record and millions of operating cycles — all without any known structural failures. If you are in the helicopter utility business, you may already own and have been using a version of this hook yourself.

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Remote Cargo Hooks

Robustly constructed remote cargo hooks crafted manufactured from high quality stainless steel. High value stainless steel components improve corrosion resistance, improve lubricity, and reduce the need for component overhaul thereby reducing the cost of maintaining your equipment. Stainless steel also reduces the physical weight of the hook.

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Dual Cargo Hook HEC System

The HEC system was designed and tested to meet the FAA requirements for Human External Cargo, generally seen in the helicopter industry for powerline maintenance or construction services. This system offers 714 LB HEC lifting capacity or 2,000 LB non-HEC capacity with releases arranged to allow only one hook to open at a time.

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Cargo Hook Swivels

The Model 3006-1 swivel is designed to virtually eliminate kinking and twisting of the “longline” due to load spin. The swivel allows the load to spin independently from the longline, while maintaining electrical continuity to the cargo hook or other electrically operated device being used.

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Synthetic Long Lines

For those in the external load business, we can help with these modern long lines. Available with or without protective cover made of Rugged Cordura™ upper cover, with a clear vinyl window for easy splice inspection.

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