Since 1978, Northwest has provided helicopter services around the world.  In the beginning, the company utilized a single Hiller 12E in serving the forest industry in Washington.  After working for the company for a year, our CEO, Brian Reynolds, purchased the company in 1985 and Northwest Helicopters LLC has since transformed from a single ship operation to what is now the largest helicopter company and repair facility in Washington State.  We are a Bell Helicopter Approved Customer Service Facility and an MD Service Center providing parts, service and component overhauls for all models.

Additionally, we specialize in the overhaul and refurbishment of the Bell UH-1H helicopter.  We have the distinction of privately owning the largest inventory of UH-1H rotorcraft and spares in the nation.  We have over 30 years of experience with the UH-1H and over 50,000 hours of operational experience and our own UH-1H Type Certificate.  We have refurbished more than 50 hueys that have gone to customers not only nationwide, but has expanded to Mexico, South America, South Africa, Asia and Europe.

We have built a reputation of excellence and facilities to match.  Our site was planned from day one to be a Heliport.  It is the most advanced and modern helicopter facility in the county.  With nearly 146,000 square feet of facilities, our site can have up to 18 helicopters operating simultaneously in day or night operations.  On any given day there are nearly 30 helicopters on site, either on the landing area or in any one of our hangars.  This is truly a helicopters only facility.

Please visit this site often to see all of our changes as they occur.  We hope you visit our live Heliport Cam which will allow you to watch helicopters arrive and depart in real time!

Thank you for visiting and watching as we continue to provide the best in helicopter service worldwide.


Our new facilities located at the Olympia Airport