“I want to thank you and the crew at Northwest Helicopters for a job well done on our construction project. The safety briefings were detailed and the crew was very experienced in this type of operation. What I thought would take four hours only took one hour. It went like Clock work!”

Thanks again,
Charles Rainy
Target Distribution

“Quite an operation, I’m impressed with your company’s depth of equipment and manpower—what I would have expected to cost us one or two days of down time, ended up delaying us only 2 hours. Amazing!”

Don Wallace
International Paper Co.

“I was amazed at how fast the response time was after my call”

Jack Denton
Dept of Ecology

“Brian, I just wanted to compliment you on your new facility. I believe your company shows a new beginning of professionalism in this industry, which is a necessity. I can only hope that once I obtain enough hours that I can work in such a professional environment, such as the one you have created. Keep up the good work.”

Scott Chase