forestNW Helicopters specializes in aerial crane work utilizing either internal or external
loads. Company pilots are experienced in sling-load operations using a long line cable
of up to 300 feet. We specialize in aerial crane work including logging, construction,
HVAC placement, bridge placement, power poles and towers.
Some of our specialties include:

Helicopter Logging

Using our UH-1H helicopters, timber weighing up to 4,000 pound can be quickly and easily without damaging the surrounding environment.


With our helicopters, we can precisely place objects where speed and/or location prevent using alternate methods. Air conditioners, towers, sheds, bridges, power poles, and roofing materials are just some of the things that can be moved and delivered by our helicopters.

constructionChristmas Tree Harvesting

Each of our small helicopters can
move up to 1,000 Christmas trees
an hour in any kind of weather.
As speed is of the essence,
helicopters are the best way for the
successful Christmas tree grower
to get his or her trees to market.