Motion Pictures and Television

Northwest Helicopters is rapidly becoming one of the premier resources for television and motion picture support in the film industry. With most of the piloting being done by CEO Brian Reynolds, his film credits are vast and growing. To name a few:

All of Northwest Helicopters’ aircraft are available for use as camera platforms, props, or integral parts of filming. We have union pilots available, and can paint our helicopters quickly and easily to accommodate

Our Helicopters are available for your production needs including movies and commercials. Many different camera mounts are available. Shown here is one of our Bell Jetrangers on the set for a automobile commercial.


Northwest sent this Bell AH-1 Cobra to Miami Florida for a 20th Century Fox motion picture movie. The Cobra stared in a modern day police force comedy movie due out in the theaters in January of 2007. Working with aerial coordinator Paul Barth and Camera Copters, the production went off without a hitch although we did get a lot of attention flying around downtown Miami. Stay tuned for more details.


aerialhdThis is the internet home of Steve Cassidy, aerial Director of Photography and Contractor. This site contains information about aerial production shooting and High-Def camera systems. It also features in-depth information about Steve’s Cineflex system. The Cineflex HD is a five-axis gyro-stabilized aerial camera system containing the Sony HDC-f950 Cinealta HD camera.Click here for more…