Bell Helicopters

Bell OH-58A N243KP

This OH-58A+ has a T63-720 engine with a very low TSO turbine and compressor, which have been maintained to commercial standards.  Mast is zero TSO.  This is an excellent, low time machine.  High skids, nice paint and glass, range extender.  This aircraft will be certified in Experimental/Exhibition Category and will be sold with fresh inspection, AD compliance and flying.  Price: $295,000.00 USD.  Please contact for more information.

icon_filetypepdf_16x18px OH-58A N243KP

Bell UH-1H Fleet available

We have a fleet of 17 Bell UH-1H’s recently released from a foreign military that are now available for sale as a group or individually. A large spares package is also available. These aircraft can be fully assembled here or shipped to your location. U.S. State Department approval is required prior to export. These UH-1H’s are only available to foreign and domestic military operations, Public Use, and experimental exhibition certification. Please contact for more information.

Bell UH-1H Huey Plus available

This Bell UH-1H is just now entering the build stage and is available. It planned to have all zero time components and -703 engine. You can custom order now with your mods. Please contact for more information.

Bell UH-1H N443YB

This is a former U.S. Army helicopter with documented military history in Vietnam.  After service in the U.S. Army, it was transferred to the Singapore Air Force where it received excellent care and many years of service until 2005 when it was retired.  We have completely inspected the helicopter and all ADs are complied with, with FAA Experimental/Exhibition Certification.  This helicopter is in stock military configuration with new paint to match its original paint and markings from 1968.  Located in Olympia, WA this helicopter can be delivered by truck or flown home today! Price: $475,000.00 USD. Please contact for more information.

icon_filetypepdf_16x18px UH-1H N443YB