Northwest Helicopters operates out of the new Olympia Heliport Facility in Olympia, Washington USA. This facility took several years to design and was built from day one as a helicopter only operation. The area encompasses some 15 acres of land and seven acres of asphalt landing area. All utilities and storm water systems are built underground. The entire landing area is built, lighted, and marked as a heliport per the FAA Advisory Circular.  All buildings and fences are lit with red corner lights for safety.  The landing area includes a lighted FATO (Final Approach and Take Off) area and TLOF (Touchdown and Lift Off) area that can accommodate any size helicopter. There is also a radio operated night ground based flood light system that the pilot can turn on from 3 miles away to assist in night landings. To do this you click 5 times on our company Unicom frequency of 123.075. Taxi lanes to all parking areas have in-ground lighting for ease of parking in bad weather. The area is equipped with over 5000 watts in overhead lighting that can be used to light the entire site up at night if needed. Jet-A fuel is available on site and we are open 7 days a week.

The building area consists of four hangars totaling in excess of 53,000 S.F. of space. These areas encompass hangar space, workshops, offices, parts, storage and lunchrooms. We have a special walnut shell blasting room for stripping paint along with a paint and prep building. The main hangars are equipped with the new style Hydro-swing doors. These doors are hydraulic operated one piece units that open and close in less than a minute. They are 20 feet tall and 70 feet wide.

The entire site is fenced in and equipped with a state of the art security system that includes ten security cameras located inside and outside of all buildings and flight operations areas. These cameras record off of motion and store data on our hard drive for 30 days. They run 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Every exterior door is secured by its own code lock system.