Purchasing Clauses

Northwest Helicopters Purchasing Clauses

Information for External Providers


Northwest Helicopters (NWH) services a wide variety of aerospace products from a diverse customer base having varied purchasing requirements. NWH will communicate its requirements for the approval of products and services through the use of Purchase Orders (PO) or Repair Orders (RO). Special requirements for methods, process or equipment will be noted on the PO/RO, the absence of notation of special requirements on a PO/RO denotes that the vendor’s regulatory agency (generally FAA/CAA) accepted processes will be accepted by NWH.

By issuing a Purchase Order or Repair Order to a vendor, NWH is communicating its approval of the product or service as stated on the PO/RO. (8.4.3b1)

By accepting a Purchase Order or Repair Order from NWH the vendor agrees to comply with the following clauses unless specifically noted on the NWH PO/RO.

POC1:  Upon receiving a NWH PO/RO or Website Purchase the vendor agrees to acknowledge the order through an acceptance statement either in the form of an email, fax, website confirmation or postal mail. The acceptance will reference the Purchase Order Number or the content of the purchase. The PO/RO or Website Purchase is not considered accepted by the vendor until receipt of the acceptance statement by NWH. (8.4.3)

POC2: The vendor agrees to supply only those processes, products and services that conform to specification set out on the NWH PO/RO unless otherwise accepted in writing by NWH. These specifications may be in the form of part number, condition code, drawing number (including revision level), industry accepted standard, process requirements or as otherwise noted on the PO/RO. (8.4.3a)

POC3: The vendor agrees to only supply methods, processes and using equipment that has been approved or accepted by their governing regulatory agency or as specifically stated on NWH PO/RO. (8.4.3b2)

POC4: The vendor will not release a product or service to NWH unless the condition of the product or service is as stated on the PO/RO or as modified in writing by the vendor and accepted in writing by NWH. A copy of the acceptance of the modified condition shall be included by the vendor with the product that is returned to NWH. (8.4.3b3)

POC5: The vendor agrees that they will only use competent personnel to perform services under the PO/RO. The vendor guarantees that persons performing services under the NWH PO/RO have received the proper training, oversite, and any special requirements listed on the PO/RO have been communicated (flowed down) and understood by the persons performing the work. (8.4.3c)

POC6: NWH acknowledges that effective communication between NWH and its vendors is key to the quality and safety of the products being serviced. While verbal communication is an acceptable tool in communication between vendors and NWH, the vendor accepts and acknowledges that any changes to the scope and detail of those terms or special requirements annotated on a PO/RO must first be proposed by or to NWH in writing and a written response from NWH accepting the proposal must be received by the vendor prior to performing the service. (8.4.3d)

POC7: NWH will monitor the vendor’s performance on an ongoing basis. Vendors may be prohibited from doing business with NWH at the discretion of the NWH Director of Maintenance or CEO at any time and for any reason.  Examples of metrics that may be used to evaluate a vendor include: failure to  deliver product or service in the agreed upon time, failure to meet quality standard, supplying counterfeit parts, failure to maintain an ethical standard (i.e. failing to flow down NWH PO/RO requirements to a sub-vendor, violating industry accepted ethical standards, falsifying documents, misrepresenting products or services, etc.). (8.4.3e,i3)

POC8: The vendor agrees that NWH may perform, at the vendor’s premises, any and all activities needed to verify compliance with PO/RO requirements. (8.4.3f)

POC9:   The vendor agrees to follow or implement a quality management system. (8.4.3g1)

POC10: The vendor agrees to flow down NWH PO/RO requirements to customer designated or vendor approved external providers (sub-vendors). (8.4.3g2)

POC11: The vendor agrees to notify NWH in writing of nonconforming processes, products or services and obtain approval in writing from NWH for their disposition. (8.4.3g3)

POC12: The vendor agrees to prevent the use of unapproved parts when fulfilling the requirements of a NWH PO/RO (8.4.3g4)

POC13: The vendor agrees to notify NWH of changes to processes, products or services, including changes of their external providers or location of manufacture and obtain NWH approval prior to completing the work. (8.4.3g5)

POC14: The vendor agrees to flow down to external providers applicable requirements including customer requirements. (8.4.3g6)

POC15: The vendor agrees to retain all documents related to NWH PO/RO for a period no less than those required by their governing regulatory agency (FAA/CAA). In the event that no governing regulatory agency exists the documents will be retained for a minimum of 3 years. (8.4.3g7)

POC16: The vendor agrees to allow access by NWH, their customer, and regulatory authorities to the applicable areas of facilities and to applicable documentation. (8.4.3h)

POC17: The vendor acknowledges that the product or service they provide is vital to the safety and conformity of the aerospace product being serviced. Unless otherwise noted on the Purchase Order or Repair Order the vendor will only supply products or services that conform to an accepted design and are in a condition for safe operation. (8.4.3i1,i2)

POC18: The vendor acknowledges that unethical behavior negatively affects aviation safety and agrees to perform in an ethical manner at all times. (8.4.3i3)

POC19: The vendor agrees comply with requirements of their specific governing authority requirements in addition to specific customer requirements as stated on the NWH PO/RO. When a conflict exists between governing authority requirements and NWH PO/RO requirements, deviation approval will be obtained from NWH in writing prior to providing the product or service. The written deviation approval will be attached to the documentation required in POC19.

POC120: The vendor will provide a release for the product or service being provided under a NWH issued PO/RO. Acceptable methods of documenting release include; 8130-3, Form 1, Certificate of Conformance, maintenance release (log entry), or a signed packing list (including part number and condition code and statement that the product or service meets NWH PO/RO requirements). If an acceptable release is not received with a product or service NWH reserves the right to reject acceptance until such time as an acceptable release is obtained. (8.4.3k)

POC21: When product malfunctions, defects and unairworthy conditions have been detected by a vendor that may relate to products or services provided to NWH, the vendor agrees to notify NWH in writing of the condition and circumstances of the malfunction, defect or unairworthy condition and how it may affect the product or service provided to NWH. (8.4.3l)