UH-1H Plus

Why Upgrade to the UH-1H Plus?

Pioneering in design, we’ve elevated the UH-1H to brand new heights. 

Northwest Helicopters has taken the standard UH-1H and turned it into a high performance UH-1H Plus helicopter.

The upgrade starts with a standard UH-1H helicopter, either customer provided or from Northwest Helicopter’s inventory.

  • Aircraft is lightened to reduce the empty weight and increase the useful load
  • Engine is replaced or upgraded to the T53-L-703 configuration
  • Tailboom is modified with BLR FastFin System®
  • 212 intermediate gearbox installed
  • High output, Bell 209, oil cooler blower installed
  • Cockpit is upgraded for 1800 horsepower engine operations
The Northwest Helicopters’ UH-1H upgrade program is a modern cost effective way to achieve performance goals. Direct operating costs of the UH-1H Plus is estimated to be only $644/hr.
You will retain the commonality between the majority of the UH-1H components and use spares that you may already have in stock.
In addition to the upgrades, newly refurbished UH-1H Plus helicopters from Northwest Helicopters offers the customer several options:


Bells and Whistles

  • Extended Height Landing Gear
  • AFS Barrier Air Filter
  • Avionics
  • Wire Strike
  • Hookwell Protector
  • Cargo Monitor
  • Mechanical Specialties Cargo Hook
  • Hoist or Hoist Provisions
  • Bubble Door
  • Load Cell
  • Left Side Pic & Cargo Release
  • Custom Exterior Paint Scheme
  • New Interior Paint
  • Custom Seats

Experience the UH-1H Plus

Get in touch with our team to start customizing your UH-1H Plus.

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