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Northwest Helicopters is a leader in the Bell UH-1H industry and has specialized in the refurbishment, repair, maintenance and overhaul of this mighty aircraft for over 40 years.

With over 60,000 hours of operational experience, our facility is a one-stop shop for complete services, sales and refurbishment of the UH-1H — always built to customer specifications. We have the distinction of privately owning one of the largest inventories of UH-1H rotorcraft and spares worldwide.

Certified UH-1H Structural Repair

Totally disassemble and strip down a helicopter during the refurbishment process. Our facility is home to the only Bell medium airframe fixture in Western Washington.


Interior Upgrades & Replacement

With our own interior shop we are able to build and remodel many types of seats and interiors. Our facility has decades of experience renovating and refurbishing the interiors of the UH-1 aircraft, and specialize in the restoration of vintage interiors.


UH-1H Component Overhaul

Our overhaul facility specializes in component overhauls for the UH-1 aircraft. Individual components are disassembled, inspected, fully overhauled, then reassembled and are ready for the helicopter fuselage as soon as it returns to the assembly area.


Custom Paint Services

We have an on-site blasting facility to remove old paint and artifacts during the refurbishment process. Our facility is equipped with a complete custom mixing bank system and a paint shop sized to perfectly fit the UH-1. If you bring us a picture of what you want your helicopter to look like, we’ll make it happen!


Avionics Installation

As a Garmin OEM dealer we install the Garmin G500H as a dual or single MFD operation. These are available with TCAS, Synthetic vision, and weather options.


Domestic & International Spares

Our facility houses one of the largest surplus inventories of UH-1H parts and spares in the United States and around the world.

For more information about specific parts or to learn more about our sales process please  call us at (360) 754-7200 or email our parts support team at spares@nwhelicopters.com

Shipping Your UH-1H

Delivery methods we use include fully assembled aircraft as “roll-on/roll-off” ocean freight, partially disassembled “flat rack” ocean freight, and disassembled and containerized ocean freight. We have also previously arranged for the UH-1H to be shipped on Boeing 747 aircraft.

Northwest Helicopters works closely with the U.S. State Department to acquire the necessary approval to export UH-1H aircraft to foreign countries. Since 2004, Northwest Helicopters has exported over 50 aircraft to countries all over the world with complete State Department approval.


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